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This Jurassic park logo customized digital file for the perfect addition to any party. Jurassic park birthday digital files to have a cute Jurassic park party sign  by Rose Design. Personalized by me, printed by you! This listing is for DIGITAL FILE that come in the form of a high resolution PDF FILE. The file will be emailed to you within 72 hours after all information has been received.

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7,69 $
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* Please make sure you read all the information

With this design you can use for the Jurassic park party and with it, you can decor your party and remember such an important event.

With your purchase, acquire, the digital file. Personalized by me and printed by you!

You will receive the digital file in high resolution PDF format within a maximum of 72h of the receipt of all the information.

♥ Description ♥

-Size: 26"x20" approx.

Will not be sent in physical format to your post
Since it is a digital file you can print it as many times as you want.


1.-Choose the option in digital format and give to buy.

2.-Buy your design.

3.- After making your purchase, I will send you an email ( my email: roseprintabledesign@gmail.com) so that you can send me the information of your personalization: Name, age or the text that you want to personalize.

4.-Upon receiving this information, we will do your design within 72hor less. Then, I will send you a PDF file with the final design to give the approval or communicate if you need any change and thus is 100% satisfied with your purchase.

5.-Please check that there is no error in the text (misspelled name, etc.), if any error is detected contact us.

6.-Print the file as many times as you want, in a professional printing press.

Any questions or queries you can write to my email  roseprintabledesign@gmail.com or Whatsapp +51902268316

Note: Colors may vary from one printer to another, for best results Print to a professional printer.

♥ Delivery times ♥
You will receive the preview to be reviewed within 24 to 72 working hours (Monday through Friday) from the purchase (usually within the first 24 hours) once approved, the final files will be shipped in the next business hours. The process will be completed (from the purchase to the final files) within 72 hours or much less.

The urgent service is available for additional $5. The files are ready in less than 12 hours (Monday to Sunday).

♥ Refund or change policy ♥
Due to the digital nature of the articles, all sales are final. NO Returns or exchanges are accepted in articles.

♥ Additional Information ♥

-This plank is strictly for use in relation to our creative work.
-The file is for personal use only.
-All files are saved for 14 days and then deleted without the possibility of subsequent changes.
-the colors shown on the screen may vary when printed depending on the print quality and the material chosen.
-the copyright of the images is not being sold.
-Make sure that your printing press is printed without having to provide copyright.
-We do not charge for the right of the images used. The price is for the time invested in designing and customizing for your particular event.

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40 Artículos

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